Popline Fichot , Raisa Aid, Le Nouveau Printemps de Toulouse




As part of the collaboration between Royal Book Lodge and Juli Susin, the artists Popline Fichot and Raisa Aid are featured at the Abattoirs Museum in Toulouse for Le Nouveau Printemps 2023, under the curatorial direction of matali crasset.

Raisa Aid, 25°36’10.5”S 57°34’48.0
The biodiversity of birds in southern Latin America is shifting in search of habitable territories due to the environmental impact caused by humans. Technology as we know it today is incompatible with environmental protection, with one advancing and the other regressing. In her work, Raisa Aid offers an alternative to the widespread idea of opposition between technology and nature. Her approach, at the intersection of computer science and the formation of bio-energies, examines the transgeneric confusion between organic and inorganic.
Digital Photography: Blanca Ayala
Video: Raisa Aid
Sound: Maria Emilia Pérez
This work is a collaboration with the sound artist Maria Emilia Perez as part of VETA, a collective project.

Popline Fichot, “Les Fulgurées”
Plunges us into the heart of a strange fetishism. The works narrate the daily life of a keraunophile woman. “Fulguration is a very powerful experience: one feels euphoria, extreme energy, and gains a power to act. After a fulguration, one can even, in some cases, access buried memories, fragments of distant moments, usually unattainable. She imagines a “fulguration” device for new types of romantic relationships. A meeting point for sensual and sexual experiences imagined to satisfy shared “stormy impulses.”
Popline Fichot
With the collaboration of Atelier Missegle school in Burlats (Tarn), Benne S.A. establishments in Castres (Tarn), and the sponsorship of Atelier Missègle. The metal structure is created by Atelier Dauphin, Alexis Randon. Co-production with Les Abattoirs, Museum – Frac Occitanie Toulouse.