Since the 1980’s, a network of collaborations between artists has been initiated by Juli Susin and Véronique Bourgoin. Although, from the beginning, Berlin (1), Paris, and Marseille (2) were the center of activities for their informal network of collaborations between friends, it has expanded over time throughout Europe, France, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, as well as the United States, Russia, and, more recently, Paraguay.

Since the year 2000, (3) the Royal Book Lodge, has focused its activity on artistic freedom with the publishing project that has developed into wider collaborations and expanding even further with the production of ceramics in the Ligurian Coast in Italy (4).

For three years, the story of the Royal Book Lodge has been the object of research by the historian John C. Welchman (5) for a publication based on archives of works and documents which cover more than thirty years of activity. (6)


An exhaustive list of artists and theorists who have been associated with the RBL projects: Raisa Aid PY, Adriana Almada PY, Kai Althoff DE, Abel Auer DE, Linda Bilda AT, Bogdana Borowitch UKR, André Butzer DE, matali crasset FR, Saleina Coubali ML, Caroline Dahyot FR, Sara Glaxia MX, Piotr Golos UKR, Schlag : Grems aka Supermicro FR, Josquin Gouily-Frossard FR, Gudny Gudmundsdottir IS, Beate Günther DE, Tobias Hauser DE, Andy Hope 1930 DE, Julia Isidrez PY, Daniel Johnston US, Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir IS, Dorota Jurczak PL, Bruce Kalberg US, Armin Krämer DE, Alexandre Kalinkin RU, Adolfo Kaminsky AR, Lutz Krüger DE, Charlet Kugel CZ, Jean-Louis Leibovitch FR, Anne Lefebvre BE/FR, Jochen Lempert DE, Roberto Ohrt DE, Jonathan Meese DE, Anna Parkina RU, Ursula Panhans-Bülher DE, Raymond Pettibon US, Jason Rhoades US, Abdelkader Rifi FR, Julia Rublow UKR, Ralph Rumney GB, Gianfranco Sanguinetti IT, Storval Stefan V. Jonsson IS, Lucia Sotnikova RU, M. Suzuki JP, Jeanne Susin FR, Miroslav Tichy CZ, Ewa Wojciak US, Angel Yegsros PY



(1) Juli Susin immigrated from the Soviet Union to West-Berlin.
(2) Marseille is the home city of Véronique Bourgoin.
(3) Since the year 2000, the Royal Book Lodge, supported by Yasha Gofman(Los Angeles), a childhood friend of Susin.
(4) From 2002 until today the associated artists are invited to produce ceramics in the Erna & Pacetti studio, founded in Albissola by the ceramicist Ivos Pacetti in the 1950’s.
(5) John C. Welchman is a historian and professor in the visual arts department at the University of California in San Diego, and specializes in the history of contemporary and modern art and in critical theory. He lives in Los Angeles.

(6) These initiatives have, over time, been known by different names and labels–Fabrique des Illusions(1997), Prager Kreis(1994), Cosa Nostra Expérimentale(1993), Ligne de Mire(1989) or Silverbridge(2000), Magnet River(2008). Since 2012 they have been brought together under the name of Royal Book Lodge.