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Text: Roberto Ohrt

Foreword: Fabrizio Bonachera

Coedition: Fabrique des Illusions - Oto House Publishing (Dirk Bakker & Jan Van Der Donk)

Year: 1997, Paris (Montreuil), New York, Amsterdam

Format: 20 x 29 cm

Number of pages: 64

Edition of 500

Special limited edition of 30 exemplaires, numérotés et signés

Willie ou Pas Willie

Véronique Bourgoin


The title “Willie or not Willie?” refers to a game
proposed by Gianfranco Sanguinetti during a
gastronomic meal organized in the house in
Montreuil. This game consists in dividing the
world in two categories, alluding to the dualistic
precepts. The publication adopts several forms of
juxtaposition and correspondence starting with
Bourgoin’s photographic montages and their
cryptic combination with Ohrt’s ironic synopsis
of the American film “The President”. Most of the
images are the result of superimpositions made in
the darkroom by Bourgoin, from lith films on the
spiral for a publication of an issue of Situationist
Time, assembled by Asger Jorn and Jacqueline
de Jong. The special edition contains copper
type plates with images of furnished salons from
the 1930s, on which are placed removable black
rectangular magnets. The pages of the book with the
photographs are perforated according to the shape of
each magnet. This interactive part of the edition gave
birth a decade and a half later to the salon project
where the magnets were replaced by original works
and the images of the furnishings by trompe l’oeil.salons. (cf. Bourgoin edition, “Vrai ou Faux?”)



1997, Fabrique des Illusions (Montreuil) & Oto House Publishing/Dirk Bakker (New York/Amsterdam)
Text by Roberto Ohrt and Fabrizio Bonachera. One volume in-4 (30 x 21 cm) of 60 pages, stapled, under
flap cover. 350 copies on Centaur, printed by Arte, Paris. 30 copies on Vélin d’Arches, perforated pages,
in a special box (33,5 x 22,5 cm) made by René Boré, gilded title, copper typographic plate (20 x 20 cm),
removable magnets. All copies are numbered in Roman numerals from I to XXX and signed by the artist1997.