Inoukchouk 001
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Text: Juli Susin

Publisher: Fabrique des Illusions

Year: 1987 - 1997, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 20 x 29 cm

Number of pages: 96

Edition of 40


Juli Susin

«I admire a great many travel writers ― Graham Green and Evelyn Waugh in their day, then Lawrence Durrell, for me the greatest of them all. Gavin Young (especially »In Search of Conrad«), Ian Thompson (for his book on Haiti »Bonjour Blanc«), Juli Susin (for his marvelous poem »Inuksuk«) and Lucy Irvine's »Castaway« is a fine piece of nature writing.» 

J.G. Ballard


Inukshuk means “standing man” in Inuit language.  It is the name of the piled stones constructions that evoke a human being when seen from a distance. This work recounts the facts concerning the history of the Inukshuks. The text, divided into small chapters, is presented with drawings and photographs made at Warschawska Praga in 1987. The drawings are printed by rubbing with chalk walls of rock that had been engraved by the artist, like the method used by archeologists. On the cover of each copy is an original drip drawing on Héritage d’Atlantis paper with a dry stamp representing a volcano. The binding and the slipcase were made by René Boré. The text was printed in offset at the Arté printing press in 1995.