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Publisher: Silverbridge

Year: 2010, Paris (Montreuil), Berlin

Format: 28 x 19.5 cm

Number of pages: 200

Special limited edition of 15 exemplaires, numérotés et signés.

Hinter den Hügeln

Andy Hope 1930


The book is built around a storyboard drawn
by Andy Hope 1930, in the form of a fictional
autobiography. Through a succession of 29 drawings,
the artist tells the story of a character who escapes
the court of abstractions created by himself in the
form of an odyssey strewn with discoveries and
strange encounters, which questions at the same
time, the relationship between figuration and
abstraction. The book of drawings is placed between
two blocks of images selected by the artist on the
Internet. These documents intervene as the artist’s
sources of inspiration and emerge in the flow of the
drawn narrative like premonitory reflections. The
silver background of the silk-screen printed drawings
replaces the transparent support of the originals and
contributes to dematerialize the space of narration.



2010, Silverbridge (Montreuil)
One in-4 volume (28 x 19,5 cm), 200 pages, softbound and saddle-stitched, with
multicolor laminated cardboard cover. 130 copies in full cover, layout by Support
Agentur, Berlin. 29 drawings on silver surface, screenprint by Les Démons in
Montreuil. 15 head editions in clamshell box (30 x 22 cm), title and illustration in
gold-foil integrating an original collage, mounted behind Altuglas. Andy Hope 1930’s
collage is unique for each copy. Each copy is signed and numbered by the artist