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Artists: Sara Glaxia

Publisher: Royal Book Lodge

Year: 2015, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 1 x 2 cm

Number of pages: 50

Edition of 24 copies numbered and signed

Special limited edition of 4 exemplaires numérotés et signés

Serpentine Illusions

Sara Glaxia


The work now features sixty ink
drawings and autobiographical poems. The special
edition contains an embroidery by Frédérique Petit,
inspired by a Glaxia d Two copies of head in a box
canvas (30 x 35 cm), incorporating an embroidery
by Frederique Petit made from the drawings of the
artist. The title is calligraphed by artist..



2015, Royal Book Lodge (Montreuil)
An in-12 volume (1 x 2 cm) of 60 pages, in full calf binding, by Annick Bienvenu.
Edition of 24 copies, signed, in a case, numbered and signed, in a 26 x 20 cm
canvas box, with a plastic pattern in the central cartridge.