Royal Book Lodge – Book Launch and Presentation by John C. Welchman and Véronique Bourgoin. Saturday 12 August – 12-1pm, presented by Artbook D.A.P. Booth J14 Join us at 1pm for the book signing.


John C. Welchman, author of Royal Book Lodge (Hatje Cantz, 2023) and Veronique Bourgoin artist, introduce the history and achievements of this exuberant international network of artists formed in the late 1980s in Berlin, Paris, and Marseille, initiated by Véronique Bourgoin, Juli Susin and their friends. Welchman will discuss the beautifully crafted and challenging artist books for which the Royal Book Lodge is known and collaborations that have given rise to sculptures, exhibitions, photography, ceramics, film and paintings.


Welchman reviews the RBL’s spheres of activity, ranging from metropolitan European cities to projects in Iceland, Los Angeles, Miami, and Paraguay. He also explores how the RBL collaborated with former members of the Situationist International including Ralph Rumney, Pierro Simondo, and Gianfranco Sanguinetti. The presentation will be accompanied by an expansive selection of works, images, and contextual materials. Bourgoin will join for Q & A and will share her contributions in photography, film, exhibitions, performance and various collaborations. Other RBL affiliates may well be in attendance in person, in disguise, or by remote control.