The Paradise that even Baudelaire had never dreamed of & Rêverie du feu bleu




These two work in progress projects are led by Juli Susin and Véronique Bourgoin and will bring together artists associated with Royal Book Lodge.
“The Paradise that Baudelaire had never dreamed of” et “Rêverie du feu bleu” are supported by the Antoine de Galbert Foundation.

These projects look at ceramics not only as sculpture works, but also as observation matter for other medium: film, photography, drawing
Shifting from one medium to another creates a space for meditation which allows one to deepen the experience with the material. A group reflection on human and ecological fragility, emerge at an intersection of individual processes , as an experimental interval, which is expressed as a specific condition of the energy in an underlying transformation, a trigger set off by the symbioses between geology and history, form and color, human and unhuman, space and event, organic and inorganic.