MAD / MAISON ROUGE ROYAL , BOOK LODGE /présent TABLEAU PERIODIQUE DES ELEMENTS USUELS last edition by Véronique BOURGOIN 30th September – 2nd October 2016 Opening Thursday 29th September 5pm – 9pm La maison rouge 10 boulevard de la bastille – 75012 paris



The book of Veronique Bourgoin questions the formula which takes over the metabolism of the living. The special edition of this book, designed by Juli Susin/Royal Book Lodge, drafts of the instrumentalization and the evolution of the radical criticism. 




SALON DE LA MICROEDITION / FRAC PACA ROYAL BOOK LODGE present LA LIGNE, JOUE ET GAGNE. Véronique Bourgoin is going to realize a series of drawings-portraits on a  line during the event, the proposal in the continuity of the special edition of the “Tableau périodique des éléments usuels” of Véronique Bourgoin designed by Royal Portfolio Lodge. 8th and 9th October 2016 Le Frac Paca 20, boulevard de Dunkerque 13002 Marseille