INORGANICS, Véronique Bourgoin, Juli Susin , Paul Akije , 

Exhibition from September 1st to 31rd 2018

On the occasion of ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, Booth: Arnaud Deschin REGAL’O (Bénédicte LE LE JAN) 108, rue Sylvabelle 13006 Marseille, PREVIEW: Saturday September 1st 9.30am – 11am VERNISSAGE: Thursday 6Th 6.30pm – 9pm

Text of Valeria Cetraro “Altérations de la matière et subversions du réel.”

The exhibition “Inorganics” presents a series of works by Véronique Bourgoin, Juli Susin and Paul Akije realized in Albisola (Italy), during the summer 2018, at Ernan / Pacetti’s ceramics studio, et Guido Garbarino for Raku. This studio was founded by Ivos Pacetti (1901-1970), a famous Italian painter and ceramist. Since their participation at the first edition of the Savona’s ceramics biennale in 2005, Véronique Bourgoin and Juli Susin have regularly worked in Albisola, inviting artists to collective projects to continue the living history of a place which has welcomed and inspired the work of many artists as Futurists, Lucio Fontana, Wifredo Lam and Asger Jorn, and where successively the Spatialism, the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus and the Situationist International were born. In the work of the three artists for the “Inorganics” exhibition, the predecessors’ ghosts of Albisola appear only by flash. It is the unconscious of the place that acts within their respective practices, confronted with the potentialities of a material made of fire, color and light: ceramics. (…) Extract of the critical text of the gallerist Valeria Cetraro 

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