Editions Magnet River a MAD/Maison Rouge




IKM-12M, par Juli Susin

SAPIENS, par Lucia Sotnikova & Juli Susi

le 26, 27 et 28 mai 2017
Vernissage le vendredi 26 mai de 17h à 21h.
Maison Rouge, 10 boulevard de la Bastille – Paris.



Juli Susin, IKM-12M The edition is based on a pre-existing brochure, a techni- cal guide for the modification of radio frequencies, aug- mented by 98 photographs made by the author, inserted at random among graphs and instructions for radio trans- mitters. Everyone can make their own interpretation of the facts, and treat these photos, graphics and texts as anon- ymous archives found at the bottom of a drawer of an abandoned research center, or as memory traces cross- ing the dashboard of a hybrid creature. On the cover, an illustration represents the patent of the actress Hedy Lamarr for his invention – Frequency hopping spectrum – at the origin of the Wi-Fi technology. Four special editions are presented: one copy accom- panied by the sculpture “Apyka”, three copies accom- panied by the film IKM-12M realized with the assistance of Alma Charry and Jérôme Lefdup. Eighteen copies are accompanied by a silk-screen print. Lucia Sotnikova & Juli Susin, SAPIENS This publication echoes a letter from Marcel Duchamp about Michel Carouge’s Machines Célibataires: “I also like his diagnosis of my particular case of schizophrenia. Very ignorant of the gravity of my case, I am not other- wise alarmed, having already spent a good part of my life in this mist behind the glass. The edition contains 200 photographic shots of Juli Susin and Lucia Sotnikova, responding to illustrations from a book of cerebral tomography. €60 2016, Magnet River. An in-4 volume (21 x 30 cm) of 210 pages, spiral binding under cardboard cover, gilding by Martial. 60 copies, signed, drawn in xerography on Cyclus offset 80 grams