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Text: M.Suzuki, Dr.Dou

Coedition: Silverbridge, Fotohof

Year: 2003, Paris (Montreuil), Salzbourg

Format: 29,5 x 29,5 cm

Number of pages: 120

Edition of 1000

Sozial Romantismus

Véronique Bourgoin

«The flies will do, Iran said. Will you deliver ? »

Philip K .Dick


A photographer’s lens captures some strange shapes. In the secret suburbs the dream is invaded by stratagems. The white calves of Mora Linien play ‘grandmother’s footsteps’ on the lawn. A horse, red with embarrasement watches the television. A man tries in vain to tear off a mask of a cockerel from his face. Meanwhile, romantic icônes wander through a town of sleep walkers. A text written by M. Suzuki and Rototo groups together a collection of disconcerting titles that accompany the photographs by Véronique Bourgoin. A booklet, printed separately, includes the English and German translations. This book is co-edited with Fotohof and was printed at the Rema Print press in Vienna, in 2003.