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Publisher: Royal Book Lodge / Maya de Rossi

Year: 2010, Paris (Montreuil)

Mysterious Cruise

matali crasset

« When I went back up on to the deck after breakfast, we were already nearing Asunción. The red cliffs punctured with caves made me think of honeycomb.»

Graham Green


Library Silverbridge created by matali crasset for the books published by Juli Susin. This sculpture  is the hybridization of a cargo ship on the Paraná River in Paraguay , with fake mahogany furniture from the sitting room of an immigrant Russian family, destined to become over time an abyss of memories. The sculpture in the form of a rowing boat consists of a series of Suprematistic units. It has a modulable shape. The boat was first shown at Galérie Sophie Scheidecker Gallery during the Mysterious Cruise exhibition, curated by Juli Susin in November 2010.