MŽmoire 001
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Text: Roberto Ohrt

Year: 2005, Paris, Reykjavík

Format: 43 x 26 cm

Number of pages: 48

Edition of 8 exemplaires


Jason Rhoades, Paul McCarthy

« Well, I think the museums that exist today are totally repressive. »



Jason Rhoades


This book was conceived of during Jason Rhoades’ performance-installation, “Sheep-Plug”, as part of the “Dionysiac” exposition at the Centre Georges-Pompidou. This deformed version of the book by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, made by Paul MacCarthy and Jason Rhoades and meant to evoke a wine menu, was covered in aluminum foil by SIlverbridge artists dressed as white apes. This edition comes with added photographs taken during the performance.




2005, Silverbridge (Paris)
One volume (40 x 29 cm), 62 pages, with aluminum foil cover
Ordinary edition: Hauser & Wirth
7 copies of head edition produced by Silverbridge (Juli Susin)