Lust Ice 1 001
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Year: 2001, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 18 x 30 cm


André Butzer, Véronique Bourgoin


LUST-ICE is composed of images in succession, as Veronique Bourgoin’s photographs cross-pollinate with André Butzer’s drawings. The images are juxtaposed in an accordion fashion, so as to let the story unfurl through space and time like a roll of film. Bourgoin’s photographs provide a narrative framework upon which Butzer’s expressive figures glide from one page to the next with the rapid, incisive grace of ice skaters. This publication was made by the artists in Montreuil-sous-Bois in 2001 for Juli Susin’s birthday.



July 18, 2001 (Montreuil)
20 original photographs by Veronique Bourgoin and 20 drawings by André Butzer
One volume measuring 18×13 cm, with 20 original plates bound accordion style by René Boré
Red canvas, title in fake diamonds
Single copy signed by the artists