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Text: Roberto Ohrt

Publisher: Cosa Nostra Experimentale

Year: 1994, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 21 x 29,5 cm

Number of pages: 26

Special limited edition of 30 exemplaires

Les Fables d'une Etrange Lucarne

Juli Susin, Véronique Bourgoin


1995, Cosa Nostra Experimentale (Paris)
Text by Roberto Ohrt. An in-8 volume (23 x 15 cm) of 24 pages, printed
by Nory, stapled, in a cover with flaps. Special box (29 x 29,5 cm) covered
with Japanese paper, with label. Under a jacket diverted from the guarantee
booklets of a famous French brand of household appliances. Each box
contains a glass plate, photograph on emulsion and collage numbered and
signed by artists. 30 copies, numbered and signed.



The memory of a conversation between the artists in
the dining car of the train “Dvořák” Prague-Berlin,
inspired an imaginary discussion between Faust and
Mephisto. This dialogue is related to photographic
images and drawings by Juli Susin and Véronique
Bourgoin, printed in a notebook. Opposite is a
photograph developed on a glass plate using the
liquid silver emulsion process, assembled with
another photograph or drawing. The superposition
by transparency of the two images creates a disorder
and opens a new reading space.