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Text: Jonathan Meese, Juli Susin

Publisher: Royal Book Lodge

Year: 2009 - 2012, Paris, Albisola

Limited edition of 38 exemplaires. Chaque livre est une pièce unique signée par les artistes copies

Keramik Books

Jonathan Meese

«Les étapes par lesquelles l'esprit semble être passé, il les possède encore dans les profondeurs de son présent.»

W. F. Hegel


Pre-existing books and journals are augmented and by ceramic reliefs, paint and marker by Juli Susin and Jonathan Meese. The ceramic elements are part of a larger whole that was originally intended to become a treasure hidden at the bottom of a lake during a performance. This performance never happened. In june 2007, the door of the ceramics room was forced open by a certain Frau Killgaz of the real estate company inwesta at Adolfstrasse, Steglitz and the contents were trashed. Eventually, without any intervention by the artists, the disappearance of the work generated a new legend of the treasure. The complete archives of the affair will be published as a paperback by Magnet River in 2017.




2009-2012, Royal Book Lodge (Albisola-Paris). Portions of a ceramic relief, painted over with oil paint and marker. 38 original copies, all signed by the artists.