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Publisher: Cosa Nostra Experimentale & Archive des Restes

Year: 1995, Paris, Berlin

Format: 21 x 30 cm

Number of pages: 34

Special limited edition of 34 exemplaires numerotés et signés

Geneigtheit zur naturphilosophie

Tobias Hauser


1995, Paris, Berlin (Cosa Nostra Experimentale – Archives des Restes)
One volume in-4 (27 x 19,5 cm) of 32 pages, stapled and bound, hardcover. Covered
with an original collage. 34 copies, numbered and signed, printed in xerography
with 8 original linocuts and stamps made by the artist.



The edition was produced by Tobias Hauser and Juli
Susin with Véronique Bourgoin at Tobias Hauser’s
studio in Berlin in 1995. This is the second issue
of the “Revue du Nickel”. The edition presents a
set of drawings by Tobias Hauser, laid out with
photographs from Juli Susin’s archives, printed in
black and white photocopy with alternating linocuts
and stamps by Tobias Hauser. The cover is bound
in burlap with an original collage with a cut-out
on painted plywood, which serves as a frame for
a photocopied image from the original Revue du
Nickel magazine. The title is handwritten in black
ink on the plywood model.