De la MŽthode Cover 001
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Publisher: Fabrique des Illusions

Year: 1998, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 10 x 15 cm

Number of pages: 60

Edition of 500

Special limited edition of 120 exemplaires

De la Méthode

Juli Susin


A montage of photographs taken during a bung fishing party, organized by Henri de Bresson, Gilles Lacombe, Juli Susin with Véronique Bourgoin, matali crasset, Francis Fichot, Fabrizio Bonachera and other friends at the Château de la Lorière, followed by a gastronomic workshop. The book takes a documentary approach to the unfolding of this event in its different phases: by the pond, in a park, in a Japanese restaurant, etc. The notebook, designed like a passport, opens in several sections where the recommended fishing methods are stamped: isotropic method, constructivist method etc. The design of a door handle is buffered on the first flap of the cover. The booklet was printed in Paris, on the presses of the Arté printing house.