De la MŽthode Cover 001
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Publisher: Fabrique des Illusions

Year: 1998, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 10 x 15 cm

Number of pages: 60

Edition of 500

Special limited edition of 80 exemplaires

De la Méthode

Juli Susin

matalie crasset


A booklet with photographs by Juli Susin, documents the different steps of a fishing trip at the château de Laurière in the Mans région in November 1966, followed by a gourmet meal organized by Henri de Bresson, Juli Susin and Gilles Lacombe, as well as Véronique, Jeanne, Lilie, Patou, matali, Marie-France, Giorgio, Francis, Claude and some locals. The shape of the booklet is that of a passport, including the stamp in the shape of a door handle that also featured of the cover of the artist’s actual passport back when he was stateless. Various fishing methods, such as the isotropic method or the constructivist or deconstructionist method, are stamp-printed in the inside folds the booklet’s covers.



2000, Première Fabrique des illusions (Paris).
One in-64 volume (15 x 10 cm), 60 pages, stapled.
500 copies by the Nory printing house.
80 head copies under cardboard covers, (entoilée, avec étiquette ?)