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Artists: Véronique Bourgoin, special edition by Juli Susin/ édition speciale par Juli Susin

Year: 2016

Edition of Véronique Bourgoin, Royal Book Lodge for special edition

Tableau périodique des éléments usuels

Véronique Bourgoin


Le Tableau Périodique des éléments Usuels uses a chromatic scale to relate the Mendeleev Periodic Table to Google search engine algorithms in an attempt to build a visual model of the influence of the global economy on the biosphere, human metabolism and ecosystem depletion. Source images are identified with the search engine to extract samples, which will be juxtaposed, until obtaining a monochrome associated then with the chemical, physical element or the mathematical value. Each value corresponds to a disturbing element in relation to the context of the source image. Intercalated with the first 20 richest men on the Forbes website (in 2015), seen from the back, the set is classified by chromatic ranges then listed in the Periodic Table with a logo and the name of the company whose activity is related to the source image. Each of the 100 boxes is linked to Instagram posts, in a dematerialized version of the Tableau. Each edition contains a glass test tube containing stabilized crystallized water obtained by a process of disruption of water in contact with a germ during its saturation and thermal conversion.

 2015–2016, Royal Book Lodge, (Montreuil)

Metal box (21 x 32cm) silkscreen, leather menu holder (16 x 20cm), 100 Fiches (15 x 18cm), folded
poster (74 x 48cm), glass tube containing crystallized water (20x3cm). 12 copies, numbered and signed
by Véronique Bourgoin.
Special edition including the original edition expanded with 1 bobbin of barbed wire (60x60cm), 2 folded posters (80x60cm) signed, 1 signboard (20,5x29cm), 1 pair of construction gloves with original stamps. In cardboard packaging (52 x 55 cm), cover covered with a collage of colored felt pieces and an application of “Royal Book Lodge” fabric. The special edition was designed by Juli Susin. 3 copies numbered and signed by Véronique Bourgoin and Juli Susin.