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Artists: Gudny Gudmundsdóttir

Photos by: Juli Susin

Publisher: Royal Book Lodge

Year: 2015, Paris (Montreuil)

Format: 33 x 26 cm

Edition of 18 copies numbered and signed


Gudny Gudmundsdottir

«By God, if I ever cracked, I'd try to make the world crack with me. Listen! The world only exists through your apprehension of it, and so it's much better to say that it's not you that's cracked -- it's the Grand Canyon.»

Scott Fitzgerald


This work presents a series of five original rayograms, obtained by the direct impression of drawings onto photographic paper. In the drawings, diaphanous female figures evolve in dresses crossbred with photographic devices.  The counters of the drawings appear in negative on the photographic paper like X-rays of invisible fissures, simultaneously advancing toward the viewer and retreating into infinite space. This documentary process is not unlike the one used to photograph ectoplasms at the turn of the last century.


2015, Royal Book Lodge (Iceland, Reykjavik) 5 Original rayograms on Slawa photographic paper, printed on black marbled paper. One in-4 (33 x 26) book, ?? pages, paperback, title in gold. 18 copies, all numbered and signed by the author.