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Year: 2012, Paris (Montreuil)

Edition of 200 copies numbered and signed

Missing Lake

Véronique Bourgoin


2012, Royal Book Lodge (Montreuil)
One volume (18 x 26 cm), soft cover with transparent dust jacket
screen printed in Les Démons (Montreuil), printed in risography by
Aprés-Midi Lab, (Paris), 60 pages. 200 copies, numbered and signed
with some copies illustrated with an original drawing.


“The crystal head projects onto the clinical surface the
ivory tusks fractured by the mutants’ screams.”
—Jeanne Susin
A fanzine printed in risography where Véronique
Bourgoin’s ink drawings, inspired by female
characters and landscapes of the Vercors, a selection
of photographs taken between 1985 and 2012, and
poems by Jeanne Susin intersect. The text and the
images interact like the sound waves of a drop of
water falling in a contrasting sequence of chromatic
vibrations and deep blacks.