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Coedition: Royal Book Lodge / Julia Rublow

Year: 2012, Paris (Montreuil)

Number of pages: 52

Edition of 69 exemplaires tous signés et numérotés

Nuit Ovale

Juli Susin

« The moment her smiling head flipped around, he started to regret, that he was not paying enough attention watching the movie, where she was cutting a chicken. »  

Juli Susin


In this book the camera adapts its sensor and focus to provide precise information, but doesn’t give a guarantee of reality at the borderline of dimly-lit psychological events. Over a background made of both banal and narrative elements comes the eerie feeling that within arm’s reach one could just as soon find a chair or an abyss. Risograph printing and a neutral layout distance the images from being too exact of a likeness, and express an additional refusal to attach photography to reality through the construction of references.



2012, Royal Book Lodge (Montreuil) One in-4 volume (30 x 21 cm), 36 pages, perfect-bound with canvas cover, gold-leaf title on patterned cloth. Risography by Après Midi Lab, Paris. 60 copies, all numbered and signed.