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Text: Roberto Ohrt

Publisher: Cosa Nostra Experimentale

Year: 1994, Paris

Format: 20 x 29 cm

Number of pages: 26

Special limited edition of 40 exemplaires

Les Fables de l’Etrange Lucarne

Juli Susin, Véronique Bourgoin

« Let's go and meet these people. Just to talk a bit. About metaphysics, for example.»

Ray Bradbury


This book was designed as a testimony of the conversation that took place in the restaurant car of the Prague – Berlin train. The dialogue takes place between the artist and the author, like a philosophical disgression between Faust and Mephisto. The book comes in a case, which is covered in vellum and a collage. The edition also contains a glass painting made with photosensitive emulsion laying on top of a printed image or photograph. Each plaque is unique. The booklet is printed in offset, bound in a cover with original guarantees from a famous French electrical shop. This edition was made by M. Suzuki in Montreuil-sous-Bois and printed in Paris at the Nory printers.