De la MŽthode Cover 001
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Publisher: Fabrique des Illusions

Year: 2000, Paris

Format: 10 x 15 cm

Number of pages: 60

Edition of 500

Special limited edition of 120 exemplaires

De la Méthode

Juli Susin


This book is a photo montage of photographs taken during a pond fishing trip, organized by Juli Susin, Gilles Lacombe, Henri de Bresson and their friends at the Château de la Lorière, and which was followed by a workshop on gastronomy. It is a documentary approach to an event at its different stages: at the side of the pond, in the park, in a Japanese restaurant. The book is designed like a passport, opening up into several sections where the advised methods of fishing are stamped on distinguished as isotropic method, constructivist method etc. The illustration of a door handle is stamped on the first inside cover. Printed in Paris at the Arté printing press.