Royal Book Lodge was created by Juli Susin, Veronique Bourgoin, and Yasha Gofman to give their informal network of artist friends the means to realize independent projects and offer them a publishing house as a tool of experience and a dialogue space.


This initiative, which has had different names and labels over time (Prager Kreis, Ligne de Mire or Silverbridge etc.) brings together under the name of Royal Book Lodge, results of these creations and presents a list of artists’ books as well as the overview of a collection that has been built over the last 30 years over these collaborations with:


Kai Althoff DE, Abel Auer DE, Linda Bilda AT, Andre Butzer DE, matali crasset FR, Sara Glaxia MX, Schlag: Grems, super-micro FR, Josquin Gouily-Frossard EN, Gudny Gudmundsdottir IS, Beate Günther DE, Tobias Hauser DE, Andy Hope 1930 DE, Julia Isidrez PY, Daniel Johnston US, Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir IS, Dorota Jurczak PL, Bruce Kalberg US, Armin Krämer DE, Alexandre Kalinkin UK, Lutz Krüger DE, Charlet Kugel CZ, Jean-Louis Leibovitch FR, Anne Lefebvre BE / FR, Jochen Lempert DE, Jonathan Meese DE, Raymond Pettibon US, Jason Rhoades US, Abdelkader Rifi UK, Lucia Sotnikova UK, Suzuki JP, Julia Rublow UK, Ralph Rumney UK, Gianfranco Sanguinetti IT, Storval Stefan V. Jonsson IS, Miroslav Tichy CZ ….


 Selected Chronology from 2000:

2000 – The Leaning Tower of Venice, artist book with Ralph Rumney, Manosque/Montreuil.

2001- Wanderung nach Anaheim, artist book with André Butzer, Montreuil.

2002- The Machine, by Juli Susin, with Jonathan Meese and Anna Parkina, Berlin.
2003- Salut Ballas, Ciao Cacao, artist book with Kai Althoff, Dorota Jurczak, Abel Auer,
Armin Krämer, Paris
- Effondrement du E-Commerce, groupe présentation in Anna Parkina appartement, with:
Jason Rhoades, Otto Muhl, Raymond Pettibon, Paul McCarthy, André Butzer, Jonathan Meese,
Michael Riedel, Charlet Kugel, Abel Auer, Birgitte Megerle.
- Par ici la sortie, artist magazine with Anna Parkina, Paris
- La musique avec et sans meubles, with Franz West, Vienna.
- Oskar von Muller Strasse 16, artist book with Michael Riedel, Dennis Loesch,
Niklas Schechinger, Hank Schmidt in der Beek
- Applause, work in progress with Raymond Pettibon, Los Angeles.
2004 – 1724, artist book with Jason Rhoades and Gianfranco Sanguinetti, in collaboration with Hauser&Wirth, Los Angeles/Montreuil
- Galerie Nomadenoase, installation, 3 rue de Trois Portes, Paris, (by Marion Mayer)
- Opening group exhibition with Raymond Pettibon, Véronique Bourgoin, André Butzer, Andy Hope 1930, Lutz Krüger, Birgit Megerle, Francis Picabia, Charlet Kugel, Sara Glaxia etc, Galerie Nomadenoase, Paris.
2005 – Summoning, installation with Andy Hope 1930, Galerie Nomadenoase, Paris/Los Angeles,
- Nomadenoase Transcontinental, by Silverbridge, with Jason Rhoades and other artists, Los Angeles/Miami
- Ciaocilla, group exhibition by Silverbridge, with Jason Rhoades, Nomadenoase Trascontinental, Mexico City
- Les 5, installation of Shit Plug with Jason Roadhes and Paul McCarthy, Galerie Nomadenoase, Paris
- Matière Première, revue by Juli Susin, with all participant artists, Paris
- Mémoires (special edition), with Jason Rhoades, exhibition Dionysiac, Beaubourg, Paris
2006 – Cross and Stone, for Inna and Anatoli Susin, Steglitz cemetery, Berlin
- Dr. Keramik, Jonathan Meese & Charlet Kugel, Maison de Jorn, Albisola, Italy.
2007- Sweet Trouble Souls, Andy Hope 1930, with Hauser & Wirth, Paris
- Monreuil, Dr. No, artist book with Jonathan Meese by Juli Susin
- Los Angeles, Tin Time Trace, book installation, Los Angeles
- The Room of Fulfilled Dreams, by Juli Susin, Monreuil/Steglitz, Berlin.
2008 – Predator, film by Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir with Juli Susin with, Island / Berlin

2009 – Summoning, artist book with Andy Hope 1930, Paris

- Hinten den Hugeln, artist book with Andy Hope 1930, Paris / Berlin

- Keramik Fog, Juli Susin and Jonathan Meese, with Veronique Bourgoin and Gudny Godmunsdottir, orgenise by Maya , by Jean Claude Binoch, Paris
- Brouillard de Céramique, film by Juli Susin, Albisola / Paris
- Penhaus, artist book with Andy Hope 1930, Paris
2011 – Les Formes du Vrai – Miroslav Tichy, by Gianfranco Sanguinetti, Prague
- Mysterious Cruise, by Juli Susin, with matali crasset, Birgit Megerle, Gudny Gudmundsdottir, Beate Günther, Véronique Bourgoin, Anne Lefebvre, Abel Auer, galerie Sophie Scheidecker, Paris
- I’ve come a long way just to see you, artist book with Daniel Johnston, Paris
- Time is Out, Angel Yegros, Asuncion, Paraguay
- Musée-jardin Ernan Pacetti, group exhibition, Albisola, Italy
2012 – Nuit Ovale, Juli Susin, – artist book co-published with Julia Rublow, Paris
- La vie dans la maison, artist book Juli Susin with Lucia Sotnikova, Berlin
2013 – Voyage en Uchronie, Juli Susin, film with Matali Crasset in collaboration with Julia Rublow
- Grillage Underground, film Juli Susin, Julia Rublow. Actor : with Gamlet Zinkowski.
Garage Center Moscow
- Vrai ou Faux, installation with collection of Royal Book Lodge, by Véronique Bourgoin,
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
- Magnet River, by Juli Susin installation in Niemeyer Museum with André Butzer, Andy Hope 1930, Juli Susin, Vernique Bourgoin, Jonathan Meese, biennial de Curitiba, Brasil
2014 – Violent Noon/Juli Susin, with Capitan Pinturas, Acunsuion, Fondation Miglarisi, Paraguay
- Le secret de Bororo, by Juli Susin with Capitan Pinturas and Raisa Aid, Paraguay
- Salon Cosmos, with collection of Royal Book Lodge, by Véronique Bourgoin,
116, Montreuil-sous-Bois
2015 – Chute d’eau hors-champ, Juli Susin with Véronique Bourgoin, Fotohof, Salzburg, Autriche.
- Serpentine Illusions, artist book with Sara Glaxia, Montreuil.
- Prcln t Vlcn, artist book with Gudny Gudmundsdottir, Montreuil/Berlin.
- Voyage en Uchronie, artist book with matali crasser, Montreuil.
- Chaco, with the Juli Susin film Magnet River, La Paz, Bolivia.
2016 – artiste book, IKM – 12M, by Juli Susin, Montreuil.





Logos RBL ANDY 2

, Berlin, 2012

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André Butzer, 1999


Jonathan Meese, 2005


, 2003

Nomadenoase : jason roahdhes

Jason Rhoades, Los Angeles, 2005


Andy Hope 1930, Marseille,2015


Philipp Schwalb


Raisa Aid, Praguay, 2014


Andy Hope 1930, Esther Buss and Alain de Moyencourt - Montreuil-sous-bois - 2007


Dorota Jurzak, Kai Althof, Abel Auer, Armin Krämer and Juli Susin. Wuppertal, 2003

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MiroslawTichy, KAtjka, KIjov, 2006

Ralf 001

Ralph Rumney


Raymond Pettibon, Los Angeles, 2003


Veronique Bourgoin