Man Ray, “Assemblage”, 1990


“Assemblage”, Man Ray, Ligne de mire publishing, conception by Juli Susin
« Assemblage » is a book which was created in connection with an exhibition of Man Ray’s work at the Marion Meyer gallery. The book is a collection of 48 photos of the assemblage items created by Man Ray, including some unpublished ones which Juli Susin and Véronique Bourgoin brought to light during the duplication sessions at Juliet Man Ray’s place.
The view camera shots and black and white prints were made by Juli Susin and were used as reproduction elements for the book.
The single copy of the special edition of the book contains the whole 48 original prints into a casing , on its cover a hologram of ‘’ l’objet à détruire’’ , made by Juli Susin and Alexander Kalinkine at the optical research Institute of St Petersburg in 1990.




Traduction frenche to english: Gina Guidarelli

Véronique Bourgoin, Chez Juliette Man Ray, photo Juli Susin, Paris, 1990